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11 Musical Vine Videos That’ll Get Stuck in Your Head

Leave a seven-minute energy ballads to Celine Dion and Meatloaf — loyal low-pitched talent can be speckled in small seconds.

Vine users know this, and they’re showcasing their low-pitched talents by strain and dance for a Internet to see. We’ve gathered 11 examples for we to enjoy, trimming from extraordinary outspoken stylings to a learned use of instruments.

How are these Vine musicians doing? If we feel like vouchsafing out your middle Simon Cowell (or if we feel a Glee impulse entrance on), post your possess in a comments below.

1. A Jazzy Loop to Keep You Humming

2. One Hand to Play Them All

3. A Car Full of Aussies with a Saturday Song

4. A Cup Dance to Rival Pitch Perfect

5. The Best Choice for an A Capella Song

6. The Celeb Version

7. The Celeb Version Redux

8. The Grandma Who Really Loves Nicki Minaj

9. This One-Man Choir

10. The Next-Level Nursery Rhyme

11. This Pittsburgh Comedian Who Vined a Musical of His Life

SPOILER ALERT: The low-pitched is mostly about junk food. Also be certain to check out his “Bedroom Karaoke” post.

Image pleasantness of Flickr, JD Hancock

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