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7 Days of Search and Social; the ultimate update

How are we this week my fine SEO geeks and phreaks.. last week was a pretty busy one out in the search blogosphere. Lots of great search stuff including another look at microformats and RDFa, some interesting patents and even an announcement here on SEJ for the new tools be offered in conjunction with the gang at Raven SEO tools (a newsletter sponsor no less). A lot of folks are at PubCon this week, for those of you that aren’t…. we have a TON of great reading to keep you busy…

So let’s get it on shall we?

Lead Story

Start thinking semantics!

OK, admittedly there is no real ‘lead story’ this week as no one theme really jumped out. That being said, there were a few posts that lead to some good discussions for me…so let’s go there. Microformats and RDF….

So far we have a few elements that might make these more interesting in the near future…

  • Geo targeting; as the value of granular geo/local/international increases, microformats are sure to start playing some role (even if limited)
  • Rich Snippets – is another area to be looking at especially for those longer tail queries where these tend to be utilized. The snippet is a factor of a healthy SERP CTR… another important consideration
  • Images – can also be considered as far as geo-tagging etc … While not a major factor, it is another area I can see these becoming more and more important
  • Social – is the last link in the chain as Google (and other engines?) start looking more and more at our social network connections. This is another area that microformats will come in handy.

We can safely assume that the semantic web is (finally) becoming a value worth considering (and good webmastering too!). If you don’t use it… you should at very least learn more about it? M’kay?

Let’s roll….

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