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Best Way to Compare Google, Yahoo and Bing

A while ago I wrote a post reviewing 3 tools to compare Google and Bing search results. Blind Search slipped in the comments (many thanks, Gidseo) and the time has come for me give it more attention here, at SEJ.

Created by Microsoft employee, Michael Kordahi, Blind Search is a great way to decide what really works better for you: Google, Yahoo or Bing. It offers you to search once to see results from all the three engines but you won’t know which results belong to which engine: you will have to choose blindly.

Perform at least 10 searches to be able to judge with at least some level of certainty – you can also install its search plugin to use the tool for your regular searching:

Blind search

Michael shares the results of 8-week testing here but I found it necessary to also conduct our own SEO experiment as we, SEOs, search differently. So, after 10 attempts what was your most favorite search engine?

Credits to: Ann Smarty

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