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Bing Ads Gets New Filter Options, Search Query Reports, Appealable Ad Visibility & Keyword Competition Values

Yahoo!Bing Network logoBing Ads announced a number of updates last month, including new campaign filter options, improved search query reports, more visibility with appealable ads, and new keyword competition insights. Also, the Keyword Suggestions feature was made available to Bing advertisers in the UK.

New Filter Options

The new filtering options let advertisers filter and search from the Opportunities tab on the Campaigns page. Now, advertisers can view a subset of bids and keyword suggestions that meet specific campaign criteria without browsing through individual suggestions.

Bing Ad Upgrades

Improved Search Query Reports

Appearing in the “Search Query” field of the existing Search Query Performance report, the new search query reports contain stop words and special characters to help advertisers refine keyword and negative keyword lists.

Using the query example, “From SEA to LAX,” previous search query reports would only show “SEA LAX.” Now, the full query, “From SEA to LAX” will be listed in the report.

Bing Ad Updates

More Visibility with Appealable Ads

The Bing Ads Editor now offers more insight into the appeal process, along with the ability to appeal ads per country. Previously, if an ad was approved in certain countries, but rejected and appealable in others, an advertiser couldn’t appeal the ad. That’s no longer the case: any ads with an Active Appealable status can be appealed.

Bing notes that an Active Limited error message will still appear outside the status column, singling out any ads that have been approved in some countries, but disapproved in others.

The Appealable keyword status classification has been changed to Active Appealable to eliminate any confusion over whether or not an ad is active.

Bing Ad Enhancements

Keyword Competition Insight

The Opportunities tab on the Campaigns page now has a new column assigning competition scores to specific keywords. Using this new Competition column, advertisers can see keyword competition values to gain insight on which keywords are most and least competitive.

According to Bing, the competition score is defined as, “…the average number of advertisers participating in and winning impressions across the various auctions available for the keyword in different dimensions.”

Bing Ads Updates April 2013

One final release announced was the addition of Keyword Suggestions for Bing UK advertisers. Located in the Opportunities tab on the Campaign page, this feature had a limited released in September, 2012.

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