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Calendar of amicable media, tech & selling events: Jun 2013

Personal Democracy Forum
Daniel Ellsberg, Julian Assange and Micah Sifry during a 2010 Personal Democracy Forum (photo by JD Lasica).

Guide to a month’s best conferences events

JD LasicaJune outlines a bustling month — a final mad blast of conferences in amicable media, selling and tech before a bit of summer peace kicks in. Highlights embody Sustainable Brands (starting currently in San Diego), LeWeb London, Personal Democracy Forum, Integrated Marketing Week, Glimpse (I’ll be there), Enterprise 2.0, Inbound Marketing Summit, a IRE Conference for journalists, IABC World Conference, Cisco Live, PRSA: Digital Impact, Techweek and more.

That’s a ruin of a different lineup. Which ones will we be attending?

For a full year, see a full Calendar of 2013 amicable media, tech and selling conferences. And a sister site Socialbrite has a calendar of nonprofit and amicable change events for June.


Confab Minneapolis
June 3-5
Minneapolis, Minn.
The Content Strategy Conference brings together professionals everywhere who comprehend a value of content. User experience, marketing, IT and business management. This is one vast celebration for content-loving folks who value intelligent thinking, starved training and consistent alleviation in a workplace and beyond.

Sarah Richards
EmMeCon: Emerging Media Conference
June 3-6
EmMeCon: Emerging Media Conference welcomes attendees with an eventuality to perspective and believe a latest in record advances and arriving product roll-outs. Included are demonstrations, presentations and discussions led by some of a many connected and famous experts in a industry.

Sustainable Brands
June 3-6
San Diego
Sustainable Brands is an ubiquitous village of training and movement focused on bargain and leveraging a purpose of brands in moulding a multiplying future. The contention is belligerent 0 for sustainability, code and origination professionals who come together from around a universe to be inspired, intent and versed to attain by building a softened brands of tomorrow, while building a network of likeminded colleagues who can help.

Amon Rappaport
June 4-7
IRCE 2013 will investigate a social, mobile, global, personal, interactive and managerial changes that e-commerce players are bringing to a new sell economy. This is a vital educational eventuality that offers online retailing and wholesaling professionals and consumer marketers a insights and investigate they need to give their businesses a rival advantage in this stretched universe of possibilities.

June 5-6
LeWeb brings together a many successful assembly in a Internet ecosystem. Top attention entrepreneurs, executives, investors, comparison press and bloggers accumulate for dual days to concentration on a pivotal issues and opportunities in a Web marketplace.

Personal Democracy Forum
June 6-7
New York
Personal Democracy Forum is a world’s heading contention exploring and examining technology’s impact on politics and government. Join hundreds of people meddlesome in how record is changing politics, governance and society.

Becky Bond
June 8-14
Orlando, Fla.
Designed for professionals in a audiovisual, information communications and systems formation industries, InfoComm13 showcases a latest technologies for audio, video, display, projection, lighting and staging, digital signage, conferencing, digital calm creation, networking, vigilance placement and many more. The uncover gives attendees a eventuality to try tens of thousands of audiovisual products and services — all from digital signage and calm origination to projectors and lighting — all from a industry’s heading manufacturers.

The Cable Show
June 10-12
Washington, DC
The Cable Show is your entrance indicate to a digital media, party and broadband ecosystem – a universe of invention, commerce and swell revolving around a many absolute apparatus of communications in history. It’s where leaders from each zone – from calm to inclination to applications to preparation – come together to hint ideas and emanate partnerships that keep wire forward in today’s digital media revolution.

The Cable Show
Cloud Expo
June 10-13
New York
Every Cloud Expo offers a immeasurable preference of technical and vital dermatitis sessions, ubiquitous sessions, keynotes, Power Panels and an Expo building finish with dual bustling Demo Theaters so that representatives can flog a tires of solutions and offerings and review it to attendees’ needs.

Mark Skilton
Integrated Marketing Week
June 10-13
New York City
Put on by Econsultancy, Integrated Marketing Week is a new eventuality that highlights immeasurable opportunities, highlights best use and delivers solutions, technologies and partners to assistance marketers on a tour to confederate selling opposite mutiple channels.

Red Hat Summit
June 10-14
The Red Hat Summit is a premier open source record eventuality to showcase a latest and biggest in cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage and systems supervision technologies. At a summit, benefit a best believe in a attention by technical and business sessions, hands-on labs and demos, patron panels and presentations and more.

June 11
San Francisco
ForumCon is a one-day eventuality dedicated to pity tips collection and best practices for managing, flourishing and monetizing your forum. The day is anchored by keynote presentations from attention experts though also includes row contention and dermatitis sessions on calm monetization, advertising, SEO and village supervision — permitting for a high grade of communication and collaboration.

SMX Advanced
June 11-12
SMX Advanced is a usually hunt selling contention designed exclusively for gifted internet marketers. Sessions are fast-paced, QA-packed, frequently controversial, always informative…and don’t stop to cover a basics. There will be copiousness of training and sharing. The many achieved hunt marketers in a universe will benefaction slicing corner tips for pushing trade and augmenting conversions from paid hunt advertising, SEO, amicable media marketing, hunt analytics and more.

Danny Sullivan
June 11-13
Los Angeles
E3 is a premier trade uncover for mechanism and video games and associated products. E3 draws tens of thousands of professionals to believe a destiny of interactive entertainment. The many successful people heading a many innovative companies in a attention attend E3 to see groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products for computers, video diversion consoles, handheld systems, mobile and amicable and a Internet.

Glimpse: The Social Discovery conference
June 12
San Francisco
Glimpse is a initial contention focused on a destiny of amicable discovery. Companies and products in a amicable find space aim to bond people with new places, people and products that they will suffer formed on their amicable interactions and existent interests. Glimpse will move together heading experts in amicable find to plead a destiny of how we live, confirm and buy.

Mike Isaac
Enterprise 2.0
June 17-19
Gain endless suspicion caring during Enterprise 2.0. The module is orderly around a core functions of a craving where amicable program strategies are practical for softened business performance. You’ll accept endless preparation on a record trends, architectural strategies, remoteness and correspondence best practices from countless practitioner-led use cases.

Nathan Bricklin
The State of NOW – #140Conf
June 18-19
New York
The core concentration of #140Conf will be on business. The eventuality will demeanour during a continued long-term effects of a rising real-time Internet on business and systemic changes a worldwide adoption of amicable media is carrying on a far-reaching accumulation of industries and markets.

Jeff Pulver
Inbound Marketing Summit
June 18-19
San Francisco
The Inbound Marketing Summit is a one eventuality that brings together craving CMOs and business leaders, keynotes, consultant panels, and solutions providers and their collection for craving marketing, all in a dynamic, community-based setting. Learn about a latest in amicable strategy, SEO, calm marketing, online video and Internet broadcasting, Social CRM, mobile payments and more.

Jamie Anderson
O’Reilly Velocity
June 18-20
Santa Clara, Calif.
Velocity is a must-attend contention for Web operations and growth professionals. In 3 laser-focused days, you’ll learn about a latest technologies, hear about best practices, get answers for your many formidable technical and executive hurdles and accelerate your skillset and expertise.

Netroots Nation
June 20-23
San Jose, Calif.
Netroots Nation amplifies on-going voices by providing an online and in-person campus for exchanging ideas and training how to be some-more effective in regulating record to change a open debate. The gathering helps to strengthen a community, enthuse movement and offer as an incubator for ideas that plea a standing quo and eventually outcome change in a open sphere.

IRE Conference
June 20-23
San Antonio, Texas
The best in broadcasting will accumulate for some-more than 100 panels, hands-on classes and special presentations about covering business, open safety, government, health care, education, a military, a sourroundings and other pivotal beats. Speakers will share strategies for locating papers and gaining entrance to open records, anticipating a best stories and handling investigations. Join a contention about how to use inquisitive broadcasting in print, broadcast, Web and choice newsroom models.

IABC World Conference
June 23—26
New York
The International Association of Business Communicators conference offers a showcase for what’s new, a best ideas and a latest trends. More than 70 educational sessions in 7 tracks, over 1,500 communication professionals giving we new connectors from right subsequent doorway and around a origination and a horde of interactive row discussions featuring a comparison business leaders we wish to know.

Budge Husky
Cisco Live
June 23-27
Orlando, Fla.
Cisco Live is your pass to a new universe of possibilities. It offers a multiple of in-depth technical preparation and training and cutting-edge discernment from a experts and organizations that are sourroundings a bulletin for a destiny of record and business.

John Chambers
Cloud World Forum
June 26-27
The premier assembly place for record leaders from opposite Europe, a Cloud World Forum pitches a globe’s tip cloud computing providers alongside end-users and innovators from opposite attention sectors.

Alan French
June 26-28
WebVisions explores a destiny of design, calm creation, user believe and business plan in an eventuality that inspires learning, partnership and entrepreneurism. Since 2001, WebVisions has built a constant assembly of designers, developers and attention leaders.

Jason Cranford Teague
Aspen Ideas Festival
June 26-July 2
Aspen, Colo.
The Aspen Ideas Festival will accumulate some of a many engaging thinkers and leaders from around a US and abroad to plead their work, a issues that enthuse them and their ideas. Presented by a Aspen Institute and The Atlantic, a festival is singular in a joining to bringing ideas to a open during large.

Darren Walker
PRSA: Digital Impact
June 27-28
New York
From always on-hand inclination to elaborating digital platforms, forlorn opportunities now exist for communicators to build new audiences and emanate larger relevancy by focused amicable media initiatives. The PRSA Digital Impact Conference, “Social Business: Strategies for Success,” focuses on positioning communicators to make a many of a latest best practices, vital meditative and research.

June 27-29
The Techweek Conference aims to give leaders in business and record a landscape perspective of a new corner of innovation. Techweek looks during how people indeed live and work with a idea of putting origination into a hands of thousands of lawyers, bankers, doctors, educators, families and students.


JD Lasica is owner of Socialmedia.biz. We work with vast and mid-size businesses and organizations on amicable media strategies and optimizing your online presence. Contact JD by email, follow him on Twitter and Google Plus or leave a criticism below.

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