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Checking website rankings on multiple search engines

A great tool for checking website rankings on multiple search engines has been created by www.CuteRank.net.

CuteRank is a FREE & Smart rank checker tool for website owners/administrators, SEO professionals, or Blog writers to “check” and “track” their website ranking performance on multiple search engines.
Download now and save your time checking your website rankings manually.

Deon Designs has been using CuteRank and we could say that this is one of the best checking website ranking solutions on the market today. Very fast, reliable, easy to use and perfect for export the data. It is a great tool that each business owner should use. CuteRank will save you hours of hard work in checking yourwebsite status in the search engines and how your website is ranking. It is much faster that any other SEO software and very well visually done.

Here is a full list of CuteRank’s features:

Check website ranking on multiple search engines

With a single click, CuteRank is able to check rankings of multiple sites for multiple keywords on multiple search engines (including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL)
Website Rankings on Search Engines

Check if your website ranking went up or down

CuteRank will automatically compare the most recent two ranking results and mark the difference, so that you can see whether your website ranking went up or down.
Website Rankings Change

Check which page ranks the best on search engines

You may have different pages ranking on different search engines, CuteRank tell you which page ranks best on which search engine.
Which Page Ranks Best

Track your website ranking performance in a long term

CuteRank allows you to track your website ranking performance as long as one year, in a vivid graph.
Track Website Ranking Performance

Export website ranking results for future use

CuteRank allows you to export your website ranking data in a certain period as .csv and .pdf formats for future analysis and report purposes.
Download Cute Rank.

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