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Infographic: When Link Building Turns Into A Linkpocalypse

If you want to succeed with gaining search traffic through SEO, building links is one of the most important ranking factors that can help you. But go too far, and the search police might crack down on you. How do you avoid a disaster?

To help, the folks at DNA created a ”Link Apocalypse” infographic summarizing some recent missteps in building links and the consequences, including Google even punishing itself for buying paid links (click to enlarge it):


The Link Apocalypse


A note about the first example. iAcquire is called a “gray-hat” firm (well, the “grey-hat” spelling is used). It’s unclear what a “gray hat” firm is supposed to be — one that does both black hat and white hat tactics? If so, that’s probably a fair assessment of iAcquire at the time.

iAcquire never claimed to be working with DBCC, but it was banned by Google soon after the DBCC situation emerged and later blogged about dropping paid links as part of its SEO process, which — assuming it’s doing no other things that violate Google’s guidelines — would make it a white hat firm.

Want the infographic for yourself? You’ll find it here: The Link Apocalypse. You can also learn more about some of the cases mentioned in our stories below:

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