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SearchCap: The Day In Search, March 11, 2013

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the Web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • How To Work With Four Common SEO Leadership Styles
    I’ve had the pleasure of working on SEO in a variety of companies both in house and, frequently, through casual advice to other companies. After eight years in the business, I’m convinced that the success of search for an in-house person hinges on their ability to work within a leader’s approach to search. This is [...]
  • Only 29% Of Consumers Regularly Use Mobile Devices To Find Local Businesses
    The staggering growth in smartphone and iPad/tablet usage is changing the way consumers behave. Having these powerful devices glued to our hands 18 hours a day changes how we manage our lives, stay in touch with friends and consume media. It also affects how we find and engage with businesses and services, and no more [...]
  • Enhanced Campaigns: Google’s Grand Unification Theory
    Early last century, Albert Einstein turned the world of established physics upside down when he introduced his theories of special and general relativity. Newton’s Laws, which had successfully driven the work of physicists for hundreds of years, were usurped by Einstein’s new theories. At the heart of Einstein’s FIELD theories, which describe space-time, was his [...]
  • “Better Than Google” Claims: Why Doesn’t Anyone Believe Them?
    Microsoft continues to run online its Pepsi-Challenge style ads “Bing It On,” in which a majority of users prefer Bing in a “blind comparison test” with Google. Despite the commercials and despite Microsoft reporting that after extensive testing users preferred Bing 2:1, people generally express skepticism. People simply don’t buy the campaign. Another recent study [...]
  • Google Experimenting With Search-History “Topics” In Google Now Cards
    Google Operating System reports on a potentially new feature for Google Now (Android 4.1 and higher). None of us here could duplicate it. As described, it clusters users’ search histories into topics that can easily be searched again (see image below “explore more”). I’ve noticed versions of this on my Android devices in the past. [...]
  • Google’s Douglas Adams Logo Answers The Meaning Of Life: 42
    For many, the Google Doodle, the interactive Google Logo, is just a fun representation of what Adam Douglas contributed to the world with his Hitchhikers Guide trilogy. You can play with the Google logo to unlock messages from his writings. But, toward the end of the logo, Google sneaks in one deeper Easter Egg. Here [...]
  • Google Wins Lawsuit Over Monetizing Your Name With Ads
    Google has won a lawsuit filed by Wisconsin woman, Beverly Stayart, over Google Instant suggestions leading to a search result set that had ads. Beverly Stayart claimed Google suggested a search query phrase for the term [Bev Stayart levitra]. When you landed on that page of search results, Google would show search ads for Levitra [...]
  • Google On Bing Attack Ads: “Others Should Focus On Building Good Products”
    Google has largely ignored Bing’s Scroogled campaign, the one attacking it over the pay-for-play change to Google Shoppping Gmail privacy. But today, Google search chief Amit Singhal pushed back a bit, saying Bing perhaps should focus on making better products rather than attacking Google. Speaking at the SXSW conference, when taking a question posed via [...]
  • Growth Of Mobile Search “Like Seeing My Second Child Grow” Says Google Search Chief At #SXSW
    The growth of mobile search is like seeing a second child grow up. SEO isn’t bull. The knowledge graph, speech recognition and natural language are search’s biggest challenges. And, he really, really likes Star Trek. That’s just some of what the head of Google’s search efforts, Amit Singhal, shared when talking at SXSW today. Singhal is [...]
  • “Trulia Suggests” Search Results Without Searching
    One of the very interesting things going on in search is the phenomenon of “predictive search” or personalized recommendations based on a range of user data inputs (i.e., behavior, context, etc). Effectively, these are search results produced without entering a query into a search box. Much of what is happening in mobile and Google Now is [...]
  • Bad Merchant? Google May Drop Your Rankings Later This Year
    Had a bad experience purchasing from an online merchant? Google says it wants to protect searchers from that, and it may crackdown later this year with changes intended to prevent bad merchants from ranking well. The news came during the “How to Rank Better in Google Bing” session that I moderated yesterday at the [...]
  • Report: Google To Settle “WiSpy” Investigation With Attorneys General For Measly $7 Million
    According to AllThingsD, Google is about to settle the so-called “WiSpy” investigation with 30 US state Attorneys Generals. Google will admit no wrongdoing and pay $7 million according to the report. The article says the settlement will be announced next week. In early 2012, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concluded its own WiSpy investigation with no finding of [...]

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