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Twitter Is Experiencing Site-Wide Issues, Including Timelines Not Updating And Profiles Not Loading (UPDATED)

According to Twitter’s standing blog and all of Facebook, a use appears to be experiencing site-wide issues, including errors on customarily about each singular underline of a site.

So far, I’ve customarily been means to send and accept DMs though error; however we can still tweet. You customarily won’t see it. Along with a timeline modernise issue, we aren’t means to perspective anyone’s form during a moment, that is a large problem, deliberation that a lot of trade comes to a site around these pages popping adult in Google hunt results.

Here’s a page of dull unhappiness that you’ll see when we click on someone’s pleasing avatar:


These issues have been going on for about 15 minutes, with Twitter’s engineering staff posting about it 7 mins ago. The issues are also inspiring mobile apps, as you’ll get a identical blunder summary when perplexing to refurbish your timelines. Here’s what a standing blog says as of right now:

Some users might be experiencing issues accessing Twitter.

Our engineers are now operative to solve a issue.

Twitter has indeed finished utterly good with a uptime over a past few years, carrying really few vital events that move each underline down like this. It is, however, engaging to see a association always contend that “some users” are experiencing issues, when it’s utterly transparent that some-more than “some” of them are.

We’ve reached out to Twitter for some-more information, though have nonetheless to hear back. We don’t customarily hear about why issues happen, customarily that they’ve been resolved, so don’t design anything in-depth.

UPDATE: It appears that Twitter is bringing all of a facilities back. Feel giveaway to chatter about how that was a misfortune 41 mins or so of your life.

UPDATE 2: According to a standing blog, Twitter is behind to normal. Also, we take behind what we pronounced about Twitter not providing any reasons as to because this happened:

Update: This emanate has been resolved.

Due to an blunder in a slight change, Twitter was not accessible from 1:08pm PDT to 1:33pm PDT. We rolled behind a erring change as shortly as we identified a issue. Additionally, some users might have gifted Tweet smoothness check from 1:33pm PDT and 1:53pm PDT. We apologize for a inconvenience.

[Unnecessary Disclosure: I'll be relocating on to Yahoo! soon]


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