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Two Tools To Compare Google With Google Caffeine

Since Monday’s launch of the Google Caffeine sandbox, there have been numerous articles and posts offering ideas on what’s different between “regular Google” and the new results in Caffeine. But good luck finding any consensus at this point.

Since few seem to agree yet on what’s changing and how dramatic the changes might be, why not do your own comparisons? Though it’s only been two days since the Caffeine sandbox opened up, there are already a couple tools that make it easier to test the results yourself.

1.) Facesaerch Caffeine Compare

This new tool from the makers of the facesaerch image search engine shows both “old Google” results and Caffeine results side-by-side in frames.

Facesaerch Caffeine Compare

It’s pretty handy and sure beats having to click back and forth between two browser tabs or windows.

2.) Google Caffeine Bookmarklet

Released yesterday on The Google Tutor blog, this is a browser bookmarklet with a simple premise: After you do a search on Google.com, you click the bookmarklet and it runs the same search in the Caffeine sandbox.

If there are any other Google/Caffeine comparison tools out there already, please leave a comment below.

Credits to: Matt McGee

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