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Website Maintenance and Update

Once a website is done, and accessible online, the next step is to keep it fresh and up-to-day, this is where our web maintenance plan comes in, to help you sustain your website in perfect shape while keeping your cost to a minimum.

If you choose to let Deon Designs maintain your website for you, all it takes is a simple e-mail exchange and your web site can be updated within a matter of minutes. There is no need to make changes to the website yourself. These periodic changes to your web site might reflect modifications in your operation, new products and services, seasonal offerings or just an occasional addition or removal of graphic images to give your web site a fresh look. Site visitors and search engines like it when your web site is updated often with new and current information.

Keep in mind that a website is a piece of software, running on a server, and as anything else need to be taken care of. Every day new browsers just show up, changes on software arrive, servers software updates and security bugs come to light, this could affect your website and the way visitors behaves while visiting your site.  In today's marketplace the offers are larger than demands and visitors prefer to jump to your competitors website if your site doesn't load properly.

Why is a maintenance plan needed?
Having a website maintenance plan give you the possibilities and time to plan your online strategies and keep the focus on what really is important for you; make the sale.

What do we guarantee when a Website Maintenance Plan is created?
High priority on your needs.
Personal care and attention from our experienced staff.
Dedicated amount of hours to be used as you need.
Special price based on contracted amount of hours.

Deon Designs' site maintenance fees depend on the size of your web site and the frequences you need your website to be updated.

The web site maintenance Deon Designs' offers to you covers 3 hours of updates per month at a set price of $80.00. Additional hours can be purchased if necessary. Site maintenance would cover maintaining your existing website such as updating content or metadata, adding photos or events, etc. It would not cover adding new features to your website. These items would have to be billed separately. Unused site maintenance hours are not carried over to the following month.

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