Local Business Marketing Summit

Local Business Marketing Summit – Free, online event September 19-20, 2018

20 video sessions with local marketing experts sharing digital strategies that really work for local business

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The summit features the most well-respected local marketing experts in the world. They’ve agreed to share their tips and techniques to help you be more successful at online marketing.

Each of these will be available on-demand during the entire 2-day online event.
• 7 Numbers You Need to Know About Reviews – Aaron Weiche
• A Complete Local Marketing Strategy in 45 Minutes – Eric Shanfelt
• Boosting Google My Business Conversion – Joy Hawkins
• Effective Local Business Websites – Marcus Miller
• Email: Your Secret Weapon in the Digital Marketing Stack – David Mihm
• Google My Business Insights Versus Google Analytics – Evan Oder
• Google My Business Q&A Tips – Mike Blumenthal
• Google Street View for Business Virtual Tours – Joe Danzer
• Google Ads: Growing Your Business Profitably – Conrad Saam
• How to Use Analytics for Local Strategy – Joel Headley
• Influencer Marketing for Local Businesses – Rev Ciancio
• Keyword Research for Local Businesses – Laurie Macomber
• Killer Facebook Lead Generation Machine – Dennis Yu
• Link Building Strategies for Local Businesses – Dan Liebson
• Local Content to Drive Search Results – Bernadette Coleman
• Local Search Hacks You Probably Haven’t Seen Before – Darren Shaw
• Reputation Management Study Results – Myles Anderson
• Schema Markup for Local Business – Martha van Berkel
• Video Marketing for Local Business – Sherry Bonnelli

This is an amazing group of speakers and literally the best content I have ever seen to help take your digital marketing to the next level.



1. You get access to amazing speakers and content

The speakers at the Local Business Marketing Summit are some of the best local marketing experts in the world. They won’t distract you with shiny objects, recommend questionable tactics that can hurt your business, or bog you down in minutia. They’re sharing practical, effective, and proven digital marketing strategies.

2. You’ll grow your business

As a local business, these sessions will help better market your business online to attract more customers, keep customers coming back, and ultimately grow your business. As a marketing or web development agency, these sessions will help you make your customers more successful!

3. You’d spend a lot of money to get content like this

Conferences like this can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars … plus the cost of travel. But we can offer you the same quality sessions for a lot less because we don’t have the overhead of a physical, in-person event.

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