Most online marketers agree that better customer engagement is the bedrock of success in business. Even then majority of them struggle with it.  

Are you one of them?

If yes, check which factors you are focusing on. Perhaps you are you not focussing on site page load time as much as you should.

Speed is the most important factor in customer engagement. Not content, not multilingual site, not visually-appealing graphics.

All these do affect customer engagement and you should focus on them, but not at the expense of site speed.

When you think about it, it really makes sense that page load time is the key determiner in customer engagement.

After all, what good is compelling content, a multilingual and an attractive site, and engaging videos if fewer consumers visit your site and a high percentage of them exit it almost instantly because everything takes forever to load?

Reports shows published by show that a second delay in site page loading can cause a 11% decline in page views and a 16% drop in customer satisfaction. Another research states that average site load time is 9.3 seconds, but the bounce rate probability of sites that load in 10 seconds soars menacingly high at 123%.

Poor customer engagement because of a slow site also hurt your brand image and repeat visit rate. While 44% of unhappy customers will share their bad online experience with others, 75% of users don’t plan to revisit a webpage with a load time of over 5 seconds.

How else does speed affects your website?

To learn more about how speed affects your online business, have a look at this fact-packed infographic.