Keeping on top of the ever-changing world of local SEO can be time-consuming. With dozens of excellent local marketers sharing their successes and insights, we’re privileged to have access to a broad community of local business experts. But with so many great publications and blogs out there, which ones should you be bookmarking?

Each year we ask our customers, readers, and the wider local search industry to tell us about their 3 favorite local SEO blogs. We collate these results to create a comprehensive reading list of news, insights, and resources to help keep the industry up to date. These blogs don’t have to be solely focused on local SEO, but do need to be posting frequently on topics specific to local businesses.

Thank you so much to the 370 marketers who voted for their favorites. Respondents each had 3 votes to use from a shortlist of 39 publications that regularly shared local SEO insights in the last year.

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