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Custom Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

While Search Engine Optimization is an irreplaceable component of your business strategy, as the expert in your business, you should do what you do best: serving your customers.

You don’t have the time to bring all of those customers in the door. Getting the right information out to the right people takes time, money and strategy. Rather than training in-house staff to take on these critical tasks in addition to their existing responsibilities, you can allot a small investment and put the responsibility on us to bring the right people to your website.

Here are some of the services we offer. You get to pick and choose which services you like, and we will create the perfect customized package according to your budget and specific needs.

Custom SEO

SEO Technical Audit

Before we make any specific recommendations, we want to get to know your website first. We’ll take an in-depth, thorough investigation of your website to determine if your website is set up and properly hosted. This will help us discover any problem areas that could be keeping your website from appearing in search engine results and appearing ahead of your competitors. The audit will help guide the subsequent SEO strategy.

Keywords Research Services

The road to irrelevant search results is paved with all the wrong keywords. That’s why we will spend time researching what types of keywords people use to get to the products and business they want. We’ll specifically look at your local competitors and choose the keywords that will help bring eager customers to your website and leave them happy with a search result that is exactly what they’re looking for.

keyword research
website code optimization

Website Optimization Services

A fully optimized website requires more than just a nice front end that the public sees. Through on-page optimization, we’ll develop customized content that is populated by the keywords we just talked about. Through source code optimization, we’ll dive deep into the back end of your website to ensure your customers can navigate through your high-quality website, get all the information they’re looking for, have a clear path of action and never hit a dead end in the process. We’ll also verify that your site’s images are properly optimized, shorten your page load times and simplify other processes that will give the user a clear, efficient journey through your website.

Website Analytics Services

Your website generates immense amounts of data, and it takes time to analyze that data and interpret just what it means. We’ll use third party analytics tools to gather this data so we can identify what is working on your website as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. Because technology and algorithms are always evolving, we’ll constantly monitor these analytics to keep up with trends rather than fall behind.

website analytics services
link acquisition

The Internet is all about connections between different pages, especially when it comes to similar sources of relevant content. We’ll use the industry’s best practices to create a natural link profile for your website, which will be recognized by search engines like Google to build your credibility on the web and improve your site’s rankings. All of these steps make your website more easy to discover and access.

“This all sounds great, but does it actually work?”

Friends don’t keep secrets from one another, so you’ll never be left high and dry with an SEO strategy that doesn’t work for you. Because SEO is always changing and evolving, you’ll get regular reports on what’s working well, what could be improved, and then we’ll make those improvements to keep bringing you the best kind of web traffic.

Local SEO Services

Here’s a sample of the reports you’ll receive:

  • Keyword ranking reports. Remember all those fancy keywords we said we would choose for your website? You’ll get a detailed scorecard on how each of those keywords has performed. That way we can keep the ones that are working, ditch the ones that underperformed, and identify new contenders to add to your roster.
  • Link building reports. People will reach your website through all kinds of links. You’ll get a breakdown of all the links we created for your site and you’ll see which ones performed best.
  • Website traffic reports. Which users came to your website? Where did they come in from? What pages did they visit? At which point did they decide to check out and visit another site? Your website traffic report will give you all this and more, which will help identify any potential weak spots in your website’s navigation that may prove to be a stumbling block for users. We’ll then be able to make informed decisions on how to remedy this issue.

Together, we’ll maintain a symbiotic relationship and constantly improve our strategy. Your business is unique, so your strategy will be just as unique to help you maintain your competitive edge in the digital scene.

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