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WordPress Website Support & Maintenance Plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you cover in terms of securing my website?2017-11-09T11:55:34-08:00

We protect your site with 33 points lockdown enterprise protection. Below are some highlights of it:

  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Limiting login attempts.
  • Local brute force login protection.
  • Network brute force protection.
  • XML-RPC brute force protection.
  • Lock Out Bad Users.
  • Security logs.
  • Changing the default WordPress login location.
  • Malware scanning and cleanup services are included in all subscription packages.
  • Lock down the core WordPress files.
  • Removing unnecessary, unused, deactivated plugins.
  • Google reCAPTCHA integration.
  • Managing & Stopping Spam.
  • Uptime Monitoring.
  • Changing the default DB prefix.
  • Enforcing strong passwords.
  • IP Blocking.
  • Firewall that protects against brute force attacks and suspicious IP activity.
  • 404 Detection.
  • File Change Detection.
  • File Permission Check.
  • Away Mode.
  • Email Notifications & Digest Emails.
  • Password Expiration.
  • Strong Password Enforcement.
  • Temporary Privilege Escalation.
  • Remove Windows Live Write header information.
  • Remove RSD header info.
  • Remove login error messages.
  • Force SSL for any post, page, or admin page.
  • WordPress Core Online File Comparison.
  • Scheduled Malware Scanning.
  • User Action Logging.
  • Keeping your software up to date.
Can I signup for just one month?2017-11-05T16:17:34-08:00

Yes, our plans are billed monthly so you can signup for one month of support and end your plan at any time.

How many sites are included?2017-11-05T16:16:40-08:00

Each maintenance & support plan is for one website, you can signup multiple times and add as many websites as you like.

What if I require larger work done ?2017-11-05T16:15:50-08:00

If you have a specific project or job that is larger in scope we can provide a custom quote for you outlining the number of hours to complete and estimated cost. We are able to provide all design / development work in relation to WordPress.

How does support work?2017-11-05T12:29:08-08:00

Whenever you have a question, you can submit a request through our support portal. Our helpful WordPress experts will then respond with answers to your questions. We pride ourselves in responding to requests within an hour during our business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST).

What info do I need before I sign up?2017-11-05T12:25:52-08:00

When signing up, you will need to have your website’s URL, your WordPress username & password. We also recommend having your FTP or Cpanel URL, username, and password, unless you are hosting with us. If you need help finding this info, please contact us.

How soon can you start working on my website?2017-11-05T12:23:55-08:00

Once you sign up and provide your WordPress login credentials, it will take us about 1-2 hours to verify your credentials (during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm PST). Once verified, we will send you a payment link. Once you’ve completed payment, you can submit work requests.

What are the details you needed from me?2017-11-05T12:19:07-08:00

We only needed the details related to access your website. We do not your personal details.

The details we need are:

  1. Your WordPress Login Credentials
  2. Login credentials of your hosting server (if we do not host on our VPS) and SSH access

Your information is safe with us. For further details please see our privacy policy.

To whom does the maintenance plan suits?2017-11-05T12:15:33-08:00

Deon Designs WordPress maintenance plan suits from bloggers to business sites and highly functionality intense news websites. Our team support maintain all types of WordPress websites and we ensure your website performance and security. You take care of your business we take care of your website’s online presence.

What are the benefits of WordPress Premium Support?2017-11-05T11:59:04-08:00

Peace of mind. Knowing that you have a WordPress expert available anytime to help you solve problems takes a load of stress off your shoulders. Not to mention it’ll save you a ton of time.

Do you work with wordpress.com, Wix or SquireSpace sites?2017-11-05T11:28:24-08:00

Because of the limitations of WordPress.com, Wix or SquireSpace sites we’re only able to work with (self-hosted) WordPress.org websites.
Any site hosted on a site-builder platform is very limited to customize and optimize.

Do you support e-commerce sites?2017-11-05T11:25:55-08:00

Yes we do. While we support all WordPress e-commerce platforms, we specialize in WooCommerce, which is very likely what you’re using.
We do support Magento eCommerce as well.

Is email included with your web hosting?2017-11-05T11:24:05-08:00

Our focus is WordPress so we have deliberately stayed out of services that extend beyond WordPress (e.g. email accounts).

We do offer a basic webmail services as part of the hosting CPanel, but we do encourage you to use either Office 365 or G Suite which are very professional and reliable.

What does your web hosting include?2017-11-05T11:14:05-08:00
Your website will live on our virtual private server, which is one of the best managed WordPress hosting available.
The hosting package in our listed plans includes:
  • Unlimited pageviews/mo.
  • Unlimited visits/mo.
  • 10GB bandwidth/mo.
  • 2GB local storage
  • SSL certificate
  • Freedom to add multiple websites till your space allows you.
In addition, you’ll have direct access to your own hosting panel and access to our support team.
What forms of payment do you accept?2017-11-05T12:39:42-08:00

You can pay securely via most major credit cards or use PayPal, Sripe, or eTransfer.

Can you restore my site to a previous version?2017-11-05T11:00:05-08:00

Yes. We keep up to 3 months of daily backups to which we can restore your site at any point.

Can I change plans?2017-11-05T10:36:14-08:00

Certainly. You can move between plans at any time in order to meet your current needs. Just contact us via our support system and let us know which plan you’d like to change to.

What if my site is hacked?2017-11-05T11:01:12-08:00

Our team works to keep your site secure. We monitor the security of your site in real-time. If your site is hacked, then we will immediately begin work to repair it. If the repair doesn’t work, we will restore a backup of your site from within the last 24 hours and work to harden your website against future attacks.

Can I cancel at anytime?2017-11-05T10:29:09-08:00

Yes – after your first two months you can cancel within 30-days of your renewal date. You’re never required to stay with us – in fact, we’d prefer you have the option to leave if you’re unhappy with our service and give us feedback on how we can serve you better.

What happens if my site is compromised or flagged as malware?2017-11-05T10:27:59-08:00

Please, first understand this happens to thousands of sites daily and will not destroy your online presence. We can quickly help you resolve these issues and clear your flags from search engines.

We will restore your website backup from the previous day or we will forward the required information to our security partner Sucuri Security. Their team of experts will investigate, clean and/or restore your site and help you move forward.

Once resolved, we will notify you to re-submit to Google and/or other search engines for review, removing the malware notice(s).

How do I request additional support or site customization?2017-11-05T10:24:16-08:00

Simply submit a ticket in our support system and a developer will be assigned as soon as possible to support your needs. You will receive an estimate of the cost and time of the requested change.

A few things our existing clients use their hours for:

  • Code troubleshooting (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Styling elements with CSS
  • Content Population & Image Manipulation
  • Creation of basic graphics (e.g. buttons, banners, etc.)
  • WordPress Consulting
  • Optimization of CSS, Javascript and Images
  • Theme & Plugin Audits
  • Plugin installation and implementation

If you’re unsure, please contact us.

How do I submit a request for theme and plugin modifications?2017-11-05T10:19:34-08:00

You can submit requests directly to our support system.

What happens if my site breaks when you update WordPress or my plugins or themes?2017-11-05T12:31:07-08:00

When we update WordPress and plugins, our team also monitors your site to make sure your site does not crash. If we do find an update breaks the site, we will attempt to fix it first, and send a notification to your account contact email address.  If we are unable to fix it (usually when a plugin is no longer supported in WordPress), we will restore your site before the update and contact you to find the best way to move forward, such as contacting the plugin developer or finding an alternative plugin. If the fix is unknown or not immediate, we will roll the site back to the most recent backup (created before the update). We will spend up to one (1) hour of time fixing/troubleshooting the issue – if we cannot fix within that time, we will give you a time/cost estimate and let you decide if you’d like us to move forward.

Do I have to change web hosting providers?2017-11-05T10:14:22-08:00

No, you don’t – but we do recommend since all our maintenance plans include a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting which is very fast, reliable and secure. If you are currently using a share hosting, we do recommend to switch to our VPS hosting which is include in the price of your maintenance plan. Your website is an investment and you should have a quality hosting. We will migrate your website for free on our server.

If your existing host does not support any of our recommended backup options or does not meet our minimum requirements for hosting, you may not be eligible to receive all benefits of our service.

How can I find my hosting control panel login?2017-11-05T10:06:44-08:00

Your web hosts run CPanel and you can access your login page from www.yourdomain.com/cpanel.

It’s also typically included in your welcome email when you first signed up for hosting or from one of the first emails we sent you.

If you’re still unsure, please contact us.

Do you support multi-site WordPress installs?2017-11-05T10:03:01-08:00

Due to the variable nature of multisite installations, WordPress Multsite is not included in our package. If you have  a multisite installation, we can support you through a customized maintenance retainer that suits your needs, performed by our developers.

Do you have a multisite installation? contact today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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