Is My Host’s Backup Enough?

any hosts offer website backups … but are they really enough? In this post, we cover 10 questions to ask before you rely on a host’s backup alone. Why Backup Your WordPress Website? Why should you care about website backups? Just like insurance for your home or car, backups are “insurance” that protects you from [...]

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Speed Is Essential For Good Site Experience

Most online marketers agree that better customer engagement is the bedrock of success in business. Even then majority of them struggle with it.   Are you one of them? If yes, check which factors you are focusing on. Perhaps you are you not focussing on site page load time as much as you should. Speed [...]

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How to Boost Sales with Coupons

Coupons and discounts are a valuable way for e-commerce shops to boost sales. Getting a coupon or discount offer can push a potential shopper to click that buy button. Coupons can convert new customers and bring back old customers. Coupons can ultimately boost revenue and help move product. Why Use Coupons? So what makes coupons [...]

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Top 5 WordPress Security Vulnerabilities – Infographic

If you own a WordPress website, you should be aware of potential WordPress security vulnerabilities. Just like locking the doors of your house, investing in an alarm system and paying for insurance, your website should have security and safety measures in place.   Original by iThemes

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5 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Website

It feels like every week there’s another security breach in the news. It can cause panic, especially when we think website security has to be complicated. But protecting your WordPress website doesn’t have to be hard. WordPress security is easier than you think. In this post, we cover 5 ways to secure your WordPress website. [...]

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The one major difference between and is who’s actually hosting your website. With, YOU host your own blog or website. is where you’ll find the free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server., on the other hand, takes care of all of the hosting for you. You don’t [...]

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How The Loading Speed Affects Your Website (Infographic)

Website loading speed is essential. There is no denying that a quick, nimble page trumps a slow site. Both users and search engines know that. Statistically, pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load see great abandonment rates. High bounce rate telegraphs to search engines that visitors don’t find the website useful and has [...]

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Amazon The eCommerce Leader – Infographic

Original article from Today Amazon is one of the most recognizable brand names in the world. Who would have thought years ago that one of the first small online bookseller would become the world’s biggest online store? In less than 2 decades, Amazon went from a small book business to a dominant online retailer, [...]

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