WMPL Lifetime Plan Going Away in Favor of Annual Renewals


WPML make a big announcement today that they take away their lifetime plan and will replace it with annual renewals.

Today we offer both yearly and lifetime accounts for WPML. The content of these accounts is identical, except for the renewal terms. Everyone who already has a Lifetime you will keep getting updates and support without any renewal payments, but we’ll stop selling new Lifetime accounts. We’ll also stop offering account upgrades from yearly to Lifetime.

What happens with existing clients

Your current accounts will continue working normally. Our aim is to make sure that you get what you paid for and the updated pricing doesn’t disrupt your business.

Current Lifetime account holders

If you already have a Lifetime account, you keep getting updates and support without any renewal payments. You already paid for it.

Yearly account holders

As you’ve noticed, we’re adding a cap on the number of sites that you can build with the lower-cost accounts. You might be asking yourself how can this cap possibly help you and the answer is actually simple.

Today, the majority of WPML clients build several sites. Some clients build dozens and hundreds of sites. We want to give the best possible service to everyone. We love clients who build many sites with WPML and we also love clients who only need WPML for one or two sites.

By separating the account types, we can assign the right resources to both kinds of clients. If you only build a few sites, you don’t want to wait in line for support while we handle the “heavyweight” clients. And, if you’re building many many sites, you typically need different kinds of support than a developer who’s just starting out with multilingual sites.

So, by knowing who needs what, we can improve the support for everyone.

Also, we believe that if you’re using WPML to build 30 sites per year, you can afford higher support cost than a developer who uses WPML for one site and that’s it.

So, after this lengthy introduction, here’s the plan.

If you have a current Blog account, you’ll be able to stay on that account or upgrade to the new Standard account on our expense. Mind you, next year’s renewal will be $59 instead of $21.

If you have a Multilingual CMS account, you can choose to move to the new Standard account or the new Agency account. The Standard account will cost you $59/year and allows to build only 3 sites. The Agency account costs $119 per year and allows to build unlimited sites.

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