SEO Bootcamp with Rebecca Gill – Jan 21-23, 2020


Three Days of Intensive Online SEO Training and Live Q&A with Search Expert Rebecca Gill

SEO Bootcamp is an ideal fit for marketers, website owners, website developers, and bloggers.

The key to successful SEO is to work smart and spend time on the right tasks and activities. This live event will deliver SEO training and exercises that will teach SEO best practices and show you how to immediately apply SEO to your website or blog.

Rebecca takes her 15 years of SEO experience and wraps it up into a concise, actionable process flow that anyone can follow. Better yet, she presents the information in an easy to understand format with actionable steps.

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January 21 – 23 of 2020
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

Learn directly from someone with real-world SEO knowledge and tangible SEO results.
The SEO exercises and templates will guide you along the way and make sure your activities are on track.

Day One

  • The importance of establishing goals
  • Introduction to search engine optimization
  • The process of SEO
  • Recent SEO shifts and changes
  • Semantic search
  • Google’s Knowledge Graph
  • Basics of Structured Data
  • Start with questions about you and your target market
  • Break your target market into website personas

Day Two

  • The process of building a keyword seed list
  • Research and learn from your competition
  • Surf the web to discover more keyword options
  • Use third-party tools to find even more options
  • Pull search volumes and other keyword data
  • Rank keywords for relevance
  • Vet keywords in search engine results
  • Perform a content audit
  • Consider content silos and website architecture
  • Map preferred keywords to your existing and future content

Day Three

  • Focus in on the right phrases for your content
  • Craft content that is SEO friendly and appealing to humans
  • Review for semantics
  • Optimize the content for SEO and readability
  • Craft great meta titles and descriptions
  • Master the power of internal links
  • Check your sitemap health
  • Track your progress
  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Stay accountable

All attendees will receive templates, checklists, and copies of presentation slides.

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