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How Explainer Videos Can Boost Your eCommerce Sales

Visual content on e-commerce platforms can drive organic traffic, attract customers, and boost sales. Among many types of content, explainer videos stand out as one of the most effective marketing tools to generate revenue.

Not only visually appealing, explainer videos are valuable content. They break down complicated information into digestible formats through eye-grabbing visuals and short, compelling storytelling. 

Your audiences can get information as quickly as possible while getting their eyes entertained by animated characters. Let’s dive deeper into explainer videos and how they can boost sales on your e-commerce platforms.

What is an Explainer Videos

Explainer videos aim to explain complex concepts or information using animations, graphics, or other visual aids. Many businesses use explainer videos as versatile tools to achieve various strategic objectives. 

They play important roles in marketing, education, and communication. Moreover, brands infuse their stories into explainers and use them for internal communication, such as training videos and onboarding videos for new employees. 

Explainer videos come in many styles, including motion graphics, 2D, 3D, stop motion, and kinetic typography. Here are brief explanations of common styles used for explainer videos.

Motion graphics: Motion graphics rely on graphic design techniques, such as shapes, colors, and text, brought to life through animation. It is known for its sleek and modern appearance.

2D animations: 2D animations are a classic style characterized by flat illustrations and straightforward visuals.

3D animations: With three-dimensional elements, this style offers more depth and realism to create lifelike characters and scenes. 3D videos are effective in presenting detailed information and capturing attention.

Kinetic typography: Kinetic typography brings text to life through animated motion, where words and phrases are visually emphasized and dynamically displayed. It adds a dynamic and artistic element to explainer videos.

Stop motions: Stop motion is an animating technique where physical objects are manipulated frame by frame to create movement. With eye-catching props, stop-motion explainers can represent a high level of creativity. 

You can use AI-powered tools like FlexClip to create a compelling explainer video. Its intuitive interface has many features to help you quickly create marketing videos. 

However, hiring an explainer video company can also be an option if you want a more customizable video. Now, let’s see how explainers benefit your business.

Ways Explainer Videos Can Boost Sales

We’ve listed five ways explainer videos can help you increase sales on your eCommerce platform. From helping customers understand your product to enhancing page SEO, let’s dive into the details.

Enhance Product Understanding

Explainer videos are handy guides for understanding products. They are great for simplifying product details and breaking down complex concepts. Instead of reading complicated narration, audiences can digest information through compelling visuals and storytelling.

These videos focus on showing off the most important things about a product. They commonly highlight a product’s unique selling points and demonstrate how it specifically addresses customers’ needs. 

When audiences understand how your product can solve their problem, you get a higher chance of driving them to purchase it. Providing explainer videos on your eCommerce store also helps enhance customer experience.

Address Customer Pain Points

You can provide explainer videos to connect with audiences better by touching pain points. Animated visuals are versatile tools that can illustrate the issues that customers deal with. So they know your video talks to them.

The best thing is you can create a compelling storyline to convey your message. In this case, using a problem-solving narrative can help you deliver your message effectively. Once you address the pain points, you directly give solutions by introducing your product.

Explainer videos add a personal touch by incorporating other storytelling elements that humanize the brand. For example, you show the people behind the product and share relatable stories. 

If you incorporate these techniques into your explainer videos, you develop a sense of trust and comfort. When you achieve those, customers feel more at ease with their purchasing decisions.

Simplify the Buying Process

To enhance your eCommerce platform, add explainer videos to navigate customers through the purchasing journey. By offering a guided tour of the buying process, these videos ensure that potential buyers feel confident and informed at every stage.

Visual demonstration eliminates ambiguity and provides customers with a clear roadmap. This step-by-step walkthrough enhances transparency and fosters a positive perception of your brand. So you can build credibility.

Moreover, explainer videos go beyond showcasing steps. They emphasize user-friendly interactions. If customers have experienced a good and seamless journey on your eCommerce platform, they may return for future purchases.

Integration to Marketing Channels

As an eCommerce business, you must have landing pages and product pages. Explainer videos are great content to be incorporated into these pages. Videos can enhance page SEO to drive more traffic and engagement.

As versatile content, explainer videos can also be included in promotional emails. Visuals in your content encourage subscribers to engage with your email. This strategy may also generate higher open rates.

Lastly, videos are the ultimate content on social media. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok, sharing explainer videos on those platforms can help you reach and capture more eyeballs.

Show Testimonials And Case Studies

Another way to generate more sales with explainer videos is by adding testimonials and case studies. Many brands use their customer stories to provide a case study on how your product or service can solve their problems.

Positive reviews from customers can significantly impact your business. Develop a compelling story that highlights your customer’s pain points and explains how your product comes to the rescue to help them.

This story evokes trust and credibility. You can put animated review videos on your landing page or eCommerce homepage. This way, your customers understand how your brand can help them get a better life.


If you’re struggling to find marketing ideas, explainer videos can be your options to elevate sales on e-commerce. They are valuable and entertaining for audiences. You can boost organic visitors and drive them into your sales funnel.

Moreover, creating explainer videos is not as difficult as before. Leverage video creation platforms for quick production. You can also work with animated explainer video companies to create a more tailored message and visuals.

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