Pay-Per-Click Services

An effective PPC campaign is the fastest way to convert traffic into customers. PPC Advertising can be a very profitable way of driving targeted traffic to your website, if managed correctly.

How PPC management services can help?

  • Faster Conversions
  • ROI driven
  • Geographically targeted traffic
  • Controlled budget
  • Visibility into other channels

Research Extensively on Ecommerce Keywords

For you to increase traffic on your website, it is important to research SEO keywords, which will help you increase conversion and sales. When looking for eCommerce keywords, here are factors that we consider:

  • Relevancy of the keyword is core because it determines how well the keyword fits your promotion and products.
  • The keyword should be competitive to achieve a high rank.
  • The search volume of your keyword is also crucial.

Keywords should be short and relevant to reduce the chances of having high bounce rates and low conversion sales. You should be informed that the more competitive your keyword is, the more difficult it will be for you to achieve and sustain high ranks.

Page Optimization

There are a lot of on-page optimization considerations, and some are listed below:

  • Make sure all your product images and image alt tags are optimized
  • Your URLs should be search friendly and descriptive
  • Carry out serious research on what keyword to use and choose the right one that describes your product
  • Your product descriptions should be well created and compelling
  • Do not duplicate content to ensure your product description should be unique
  • Your anchor text should be optimized to ensure there is support on the target keyword phrases

Competition Research

It is true that among all the results provided after searching on Google, the top three results attract most of the clicks, and the first result gets the most clicks. When we create an eCommerce website design, our main goal is to help you achieve the top three ranks in Google because any click may lead to a potential sale.

You need to know that e-commerce is a competitive field, and this means that before you join this market, make sure you carefully research your market needs. For you to outrank your competitors, you should know how they operate and what strategies they use to make things work, what keywords help them rank and other considerations. There is another criterion you can use:

  • Research on how well is their website architecture.
  • Identify who helps them in their backlink profile.
  • What will make your website unique and stand out better than that of your competitors

Build Strong Backlink

You should build a strong backlink profile by getting tips from related websites with high site authority, which will help you link your website to help you build the required traffic. It is also important to develop a strong internal link structure because it will guide visitors on how to go about the purchase and help search engines identify your site.

Amazingly, you can also use your internal linking structure to highlight page hierarchy to all search engines and what type of keyword terms you want the best pages to get ranked.

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