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Our WordPress website developers have over 15 years of experience and have made great contributions to both large and small-scale businesses by creating websites that are delighting, threat-free, informing visitors, and responsive, therefore enabling your online business to operate smoothly.

Our WordPress services are affordable and provide all our customers with an amazing web development service that will help you boost your business on all online platforms.

Why We Choose WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CRM used by most web developers in the current generation to develop most websites. However, you need a professional and certified WordPress web developer to give you a well-customized website. Below are reasons as to why you should choose WordPress:

Why Our Developers Believe in WordPress

The marvelous team is made up of highly experienced and professional developers who are creative. This means that when working on a project, they perform their duties with great care to ensure that all the necessary features are added to the site to make sure your business is well ranked. The capable team is always ready to use techniques that will make sure your website generates steady cash flow from your business.

Below are some merits offered by using WordPress in web development which makes our developers choose it:

Web Development Consultation

In case you want to create a website for your business and want somebody to talk to, we are there. We will guild you on what steps to take to widen your business because we have enough knowledge and experience. When you come to us, we go through queries and challenges that you are currently facing with your website and find a solution. Some of the questions include:

  • What website platform fits your business if you decide to go with website applications or websites? Will they help your business grow?
  • What solutions and technologies will fit your organization, keeping in mind the aspect of future upgrades when employed?
  • Do you own a website and need assistance?


After we have answered your questions, you will have a one on one conversation with our designers, and together you will discuss the following:

  • How we will help you solve future problems that may arise because we have spent a lot to shape the business globally.
  • How we will work to minimize possibilities of risks and increase your profit by investing in web design packages.
  • Does the company which developed a website for you to facilitate you with a custom website? If not, what will be the cost if we develop a website for you?
  • What are some of our website experts’ advanced features to make it an ultimate graphic web?

We will offer you the best consultation services because our Company takes all our customer needs seriously.

Frameworks & Technologies Used

Deon Designs consistently keep up with modern technology, and we are sure to employ several of these technologies within your website to create professional appearance. Our web development strategy most commonly uses the following technology:
– Core Technologies: PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, Ajax, Vue.js, Node.js, HTML / XML / CSS
– Open Source Technologies: WordPress CMS, WooCommerce, Bootstrap
– Database Tools: SQL, MySQL
– Web Server: Linux, Apache server

Why Work With Us?

We have adopted a unique and creative technique that makes your website pages respond fast, free from hacking and virus issues, and reliable in every step. We make sure the site is secure from all plugins to API integrations. We also do our coding in the right manner and have the best practices in SEO related services. Contact us today and let us offer you our services at a cost-effective price. Our goal is to elevate our clients to new heights, and we take much pride in our clients.

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