WordPress Gutenberg Guide

Depending on how plugged in you are to the WordPress community, you may or may not already be familiar with the upcoming WordPress Gutenberg editor. The Gutenberg editor has stirred up all kinds of discussion on both sides of the aisle. But this post is not trying to weigh in on that debate…

Instead, this post recognizes the inevitability of Gutenberg and aims to provide you with a comprehensive resource on how to use the WordPress Gutenberg editor on your site so that you can continue to churn out awesome content when Gutenberg goes public.Whether this is the first time you’re hearing about the WordPress Gutenberg editor or you’re already somewhat familiar with it, this post will help you learn how you can use the new editor to build layouts for your WordPress content.

What is Gutenberg?

In a nutshell, Gutenberg is the upcoming replacement to the WordPress TinyMCE editor (the current WYSIWYG text editor where you write your posts and pages).

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